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Rifle Parts Sales Page - More Arriving Soon!

Yugo AK slings. New. Sold Out!

AK slings

Zastava Factory RPK Rear Night Sights...these are new and yes they glow of course, they each feature active vials of Tritium. We have 100 units and these are $40.00 each. See below.

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Tritium night sight

RPK rear night site. $40.00

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Scope side plate

Factory Scope Mounting Plates all Models $38.00 or Anodized $45.00. Includes easy installation with screws. Will allow fitting of Russian PSO optics to your rifle. Limited Quantity at these prices...In stock and shipping.

Rubber Eye Piece - Click to hi-res image ZRAK DD Brand new rubber eye cup for the rear of all combloc scopes. These are the new four hole style and are superior to the old design. Priced at $16.99 each shipping included.

Update: More Zastava factory AK rifle parts arriving soon!

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