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ZRAK d.d. Sarajevo mounts For Zastava AK rifles.

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Rugged military spec. construction designed for hard use. The M76 mount has 26mm/ 1 inch rings and can be used with a variety of scopes.

Swing lever locks scope mount securely to the rifle. Mount can be removed and reinstalled with no loss of zero.


Complete your set up with a factory receiver rail:

These are factory Mounts that were the originally cut to the standard Combloc Dimensions, we expect both types of mounts, the one pictured and the type that take the proprietary ZRAK DD mounts. The price on the standard is $38.00 and proprietary will be $40 each. There is an anodized version also available for $48.00. We are taking orders now and will drop ship when these arrive. ON7,62 M89 scopes are shipping now. The first mount will take all types of Combloc optics and mounts with the standard mounting brackets such as the PSO type.

Includes easy installation with screws. Will allow fitting of Russian PSO optics to your rifle. Limited Quantity at these prices...In stock and shipping.



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